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Simple Communications

Why Tpad123

Tpad123 is a cloud-based business phone system which arrives pre-configured and ready to use.

With over 26 feature-rich functions available and the ability to connect remotely regardless of the location, Tpad123 gives you all the flexibility you want in a telephone system.

We offer flexibility and functionality in one as Tpad123 is activated, purchased, set-up and managed online. This means no expensive hardware onsite required and we manage - you simply control.

If you compare us with other hosted suppliers we simply just blow them away for 3 reasons:

How it works

Tpad123 is activated, purchased, set-up and managed online. Tpad manages all your calls and allows you to easily view cost, missed calls, length of time to answer a call and time by date so you and your staff can manage your business better.

We deliver complete business functionality with over 26 features available. You can tailor your system to suit your business needs by utilising our easy web based interface which you can access and control from anywhere, online.

Tpad offers clear and concise information which allows you to easily start using the phone system. Due to the account being activated instantly you can start receiving calls and customise your call set up, extensions, auto-receptionist and many more features all through your online account. When your phone arrives you simply plug in and can start making outbound calls.

All you require is an active Broadband connection and a Router and you can be on your way to creating a customised, functional and affordable telephone system to make every day a little easier.

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