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Simple Communications


Tpad123 delivers complete functionality which allows you to manage, control and customise your business.

  • Cost Control

  • Block Nuisance Callers

  • Call Recordings

  • Music On Hold & Announcements

Call Recording

Every incoming and outgoing call can be recorded. Great for staff training, note taking on playback or for legal essentials. You can listen to the call recording as many times as you like and can even be download to your PC to keep the recording for as long as you like.

Cost Control

You can control which phone numbers employees can make by restricting outbound calls to premium rate and international numbers. Tpad123 also includes an Easy View dashboard with reporting and summary of activities.

Music On Hold

Keep callers entertained and informed with over 50 licensed tunes or create your own announcements. to be played when waiting in a call queue or on hold.

Block Nuisance Calls

Increase productivity by blocking nuisance callers or withheld numbers with a keypad option to route certain calls to the right places.

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