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Simple Communications
  • Add The Complete Tpad123 Product to Your Own Product Portfolio

  • Earn Ongoing Monthly Income From Tpad123 Customers

  • Reduce Your Tpad123 Monthly Bill Through Revenue Share

  • Be a TPAD123 Approved Partner Reseller Immediately

Become a Partner

You Promote - We Deliver

All you have to do is promote the Tpad123 Solution to your corporate customers. We provide you with all the tools you need to make the Sign-Up process as simple as Tpad123.

  • Tpad123 Provides Lifetime UK Customer Service Direct To Your Clients

  • Your Own Complete Online Portal To Sign Up Your Customers

  • We Pay You For Every New Customer and Existing Customer You Introduce to Tpad123 Every Month

  • If Your Customer Upgrades Their Service We Still Pay You For Every Service They're Still Using

Become a Partner

More Money For Your Business

It's common knowledge, being a ‘product of the product’ is the best way to promote and generate more money for your business. With Tpad123 you can not only add money to your business but save money too.

Number of Corporate Customers 1-4 Customers 5-12 Customers 13 – 25 Customer
Acquisition bonus Up to £50 per customer Earn More Earn More
Reward Reduction on Your Tpad123 service account 50% off your plan Save More Save More
Ongoing income from your customers Tpad123 plan 10% of their monthly bill Earn More Earn More
Dedicated UK Account Manager Yes Yes Yes
Directory listing No Yes Yes
Workshop contributions for over 10 users No Yes Yes
Marketing Content for your website Yes Yes Yes

The more customers you generate the more money you Make and Save!

Click for a Typical Example
Earn Money 1 Customers
New Customer Acquisition £50
Ongoing Monthly Income
(Customer paying £14.99p/m)
£1.49 p/m
Discount off Your Tpad123 Account
(Customer paying £14.99p/m)
£7.50 p/m
That's Just 1 Customer – Earn More For Every Customer You Introduce
Perfect Solution For:
  • Business Consultants
  • I.T. Support Services
  • Web Designers
  • Property Developers
  • H.R. Consultants
  • Money Saving Consultants
  • New Start Businesses
  • Office Management Centres
  • Printers
  • Architects
  • Landlords
  • Construction Services
  • Digital Retailers
  • Existing Telecoms Providers
  • Entrepreneurial Business Owners
  • Business Networking Groups
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